Curry Village

306 George St North Peterborough,ON (705) 742-1432

Authentic Indian Cuisine

Special Curry Dishes

Yummy!!! Butter Chicken
Our Menu has been carefully selected to meet two pronged objective to include the most flavoursome and tasty dishes.

Special Curries

    A very hot, sweet and sour curry with green peppers,tomato,fresh lemon juice,sugar and onion. Cooked after the Persian style. Spicy
    Diced,deboned,succulent,"smoky" chicken roasted in the tandoor and cooked with cream,yoghurt,coconut,sugar,raisins and clarified butter. Garnished with fried onions. Very mild,sweet,most flavourful and Highly Recommended !!
    Deboned chicken cooked after the kashmiri style with coconut. Very Mild.
  • $14.99LAMB DUPIAZA
    For onion lovers! Similar to Bhoona. Garnished with diced onions,sautéed in clarified butter.
  • $13.99METHI GOSHT
    Beef curry Lavishly flavoured with fenugreek leaves.
  • $14.99KORAI GOSHT
    A popular Mughlai dish made with Beef stewed in tomatoes and spices served with a sprinkle of lemon and coriander
  • $14.99RAGAN JOSH "BEEF"
    A tomato lovers. Similar to Bhoona, sautéed in clarified butter,garnished with lots of tomatoes.
  • $12.99EGG MASALA
    An absolute delight for egg lovers! Boiled eggs cooked with tomatoes,onions and spices to make a delicious mouth watering masala dish.