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Curry Dishes

    Although "Curry" is frequently and incorrectly used in the West to describe Indian food in general, this word is the anglicized version of the Tamil word "Kari" - meaning sauce or a combination of seasonings, cooked with vegetables or meat to make a stew-type dish.

    Plain Curries "(Nice and Spicy but not hot)"
    The most common dish of the everyday menu of Indian households, moderately spiced and served in its own thin sauce.

    Cooked with tomato,pimento and onions.
  • $11.99BEEF CURRY
    Chunks of lean,tender beef cooked with tomato,pimento and onions.
  • $12.99LAMB CURRY
    Cubes of lamb with tomato,pimento and onions.
  • $14.99SHRIMP CURRY
    Fresh shrimp, delicately spiced.
  • $12.99FISH CURRY