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Shrimp Tandoor

Amazing Tandoori Dishes

    A Tandoor is a clay oven fired by hardwood charcoal. It opens at the top and meat is lowered into the oven on skewers whilst the Nan breads are baked stuck to the inner side of its walls. The enclosed heat slowly and simultaneously bakes,roasts,grills and smokes food, making the Tandoori meat well-done yet juicy and soft with smokey flavour. The other secret that makes the Tandoori meat so delicious is the special herbs and spicy yoghurt marinade in which the meat or seafood is marinated for more than twenty-four hours. We are one of the few restaurants in canada who may boast of their own authentic, imported Tandoor.

    All Tandoor Dishes come with rice and salad

    One-half chicken with bones
    No rice and salad
    King-size shrimps
    One-half chicken deboned and diced
  • $16.99FISH TANDOOR